Partnership for Excellence:
The art of Cooking with Fire

Client: Partnership for Excellence*
Type of Event: Ticketed event, SOLD OUT.
Location: Jamie Kennedy’s Farm, Hillier, ON
(a location that Gold & Fife has rare access to.)


To enrich, enliven, and educate the hospitality region in Prince Edward County by pairing guest chefs from outside with local chefs to create buzz and excitement. 

Event Description: 

Gold & Fife shone the spotlight on one of the world’s most ceremonial eating, drinking, and gathering experiences—the authentic Argentine Sunday asado.

Never had the Argentine wife-and-husband duo who made up Cultura Tiempo, been given carte blanche to recreate the asado de Domingo (Sunday asado) for a limited number of guests.

The event began at 11AM where mate—Argentina’s most ceremonial and integral beverages—was shared and passed. From there the day flowed without a strict attachment to time—just like in Argentina.

Stand-Out Moments: 

Gold & Fife brought in special Barolo and Dolcetto to be paired with fire cooked meats along with a craft cocktail from a local distillery. Guests were also invited to bring their own wine. One guest brought half a case of aged Argentine Malbecs to be shared with group which contributed to warm and fuzzy moments! Finally, the outside time, ability to move about the property and gather around the fires watching the meat cook were highlights for everyone. To close the day and tie everything together, Top Chef Canada judge, writer, and former food critic for The Globe and Mail, Chris Nutall-Smith enlivened the experience by engaging Cultura Tiempo with questions and remarks on all things fire. 

Photos: ©Tim Forbes

“This was the most incredible event. Loved and savoured every moment. Thank you. Truly one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had.”

Partnership for Excellence

This event was part of an 8-part sold out series that took place over the course of six months. 

*Norah Rogers, Owner of the Waring House, the recipient of the federal, provincial, and municipally funded $165,000 grant for culinary skills development in Prince Edward County. 

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