Partnership for Excellence:
The art of Pastry

Client: Partnership for Excellence*
Type of Event: Ticketed event, SOLD OUT.
Location: Merrill House, a newly renovated Victorian-style boutique hotel.  


To enrich, enliven, and educate the hospitality region in Prince Edward County by pairing guest chefs from outside with local chefs to create buzz and excitement. 

Event Description: 

A truly original one-of-a-kind Gold & Fife dinner featuring sweet and savoury courses from acclaimed pastry chefs, paired with delicious teas and champagnes – exquisite!  Gold & Fife brought together two of Canada’s most seasoned and revered pastry chefs, The Food Network’s Wall of Bakers, Toronto’s Joanne Yolles and Montreal’s Patrice Demers to join the Merrill House’s host chef Michael Sullivan and tasked them with creating both a sweet and savoury course. 

Stand-Out Moments: 

Rarely if ever are pastry chefs given the chance to create a savoury dish which is a shame since they are masters at detail and have some of the greatest chef attitudes going. The savoury courses were remarkable and transitioned beautifully into the sweet courses. Portion sizes were perfection and the exquisite tea and bubbly champagne pairings created seriously high vibrations. 

Photos: ©Tim Forbes

“Sophistication was served in spades at this incredible event. I’ve never been to ANYTHING like this before. Who would have thought that tea could make such incredible pairings?! I left this event feeling buzzed not from alcohol but from the whole experience.”

Partnership for Excellence

This event was part of an 8-part sold out series that took place over the course of six months. 

*Norah Rogers, Owner of the Waring House, the recipient of the federal, provincial, and municipally funded $165,000 grant for culinary skills development in Prince Edward County. 

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